Our mission is to inspire, entertain and teach you
by exploring the world and growing in our lives.

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Hi, nice to meet you!

We are Heinz & Jennifer and we are changing our lives. From now on we’re going to use our time and our skills to grow, explore and preserve.

In November 2017 we’re going to finally move to the USA (it’s gonna be Texas!) and that’ll be our biggest dream coming true!

We are about to discover a new life, beautiful places and interesting people. We will soak it up and bring it to you as high-quality content.

So you will be able to join us – you will find inspirations, you may discover new dreams or you may walk down memory lane. We will share our experiences and our discoveries with you. And all of this will help you to start something new, change your live, learn about places, people, food and many other things coming along.

By documenting our trip we also preserve world and live like it is today. And we will give back and engage ourselves in nature preserve projects.

We’d love to have you with us – it’s as easy as joining our free list.

See you soon!

Heinz & Jennifer

Travelers, Photographers, Writer, Foodie

What’s in for me?

  • stunning landscapes¬†from the USA and Europe
  • adventurous traveling in state
  • informative writing
  • tasty food gems
  • discover earth sciences
  • help to preserve nature
  • find a mission for your life
  • learning a language
  • moving to USA
  • start your own business
  • and much more what we don’t know yet …